The fix for DPF problems the MapMan way

All relatively new diesel vehicles have been fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). A DPF is designed to remove any particles/ particulates found in diesel emissions as a result of the harsher Euro emissions rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, the DPF can often be more of an issue than a solution. Our team of expert technicians are here to help!

What are the problems? 

Just like any other filter, a DPF needs to be clear and clean in order to work as efficiently as possible, usually this would be maintained through a process called regenerations and would naturally occur within diesel vehicles that spend a lot of time at their optimum engine temperature. Under these conditions, the DPF would clear itself out.

Unfortunately, engines do not always run at their optimum temperature due to driving in traffic or making a series of short journeys and as a result, the filter cannot clear itself. A side effect of this would be that your vehicle gets bunged up with soot which will affect the economy, performance, and emissions of your vehicle.

You may try to combat this by driving your car at higher speeds on open roads on a minimum of a monthly basis. However, once the soot has started to take hold there is usually very little that can be done to rectify the drop in performance or the warning light for your DPF or anti-pollution light which will appear on your dashboard.

Manufacturers put the DPF filter in the same class as brake pads, disks and tyres in that they are classed as general “wear and tear” and are expected to become ineffective. Even the cars which are driven at optimum temperatures all the time will lose their regeneration abilities and will require a replacement which is not cheap!

The Manufacturers solution 

We all know that manufacturers like to make as much money out of their cars as possible, which is why they will always suggest purchasing a new DPF from them at costs usually well over £1000!

Our Solution

We have two amazing options!

The first, cleaning.

We are part of the Advanced DPF Cleaning Network; a group of experts who are able to effectively and professionally clean your DPF.

The second, Our DPF Solutions

This would come in at a fraction of the cost when compared to having your manufacturer replace your DPF! All of our DFP solutions are completely MOT friendly so you can be sure that you vehicle will pass the dreaded emissions test. Still not convinced? We will even throw in a FREE ECU remap with all of our DPF solutions to increase your BHP and Torque to optimise your car’s performance.

We can guarantee the performance boosts you will see as a result of our DPF solutions so if you are having issues or are worried get in contact with us today!

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