ECU Remapping

What is “Re-Mapping”?

Essentially, re-mapping a car is a form of surgery on the car’s brain, except this surgery is based around improving economy and performance. Even cars that are over 10–20 years old will usually have an ECU. The ECU controls everything the car does, from fuel usage, turbo boost pressure (on turbo engines), and ignition timing according to what the factory pre-determined.

Out of the box factory settings

Manufacturers don’t particularly put much effort into the cars ECU. Sure they set it up so it feels nice to drive but this one size fits all approach means that your car is not optimised for its exact setup.

These ECUs are configured to match many different driving styles of many different people meaning that you are being held to those other styles. By having a custom configuration uploaded, you will be able to drive a car programmed specifically to you and your needs.

Performance or an increase in fuel economy, we are able to achieve premium results at a fraction of the cost of trying to get this sorted by other means.

Will I have to do much?

Not at all! All we need to do is plug in our bespoke tools into your vehicle’s ECU and analyse the systems current performance. Once we have this information our workshop will analyse the results and put together a fully customised script based around your requirements to make sure the car is programmed for your driving style and usage.

Don’t forget, the MapMan team is fully mobile which means you don’t have to move an inch to get the benefits of our services.

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